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A hilarious sign on a local front yard was warning people not to fall for a dog faking her own death after being denied treats when her owners ran out.

Found in the wild, couldn’t restist posting from WhatsWrongWithYourDog

Many pups will do just about anything for their favorite treat, from adorable puppy eyes to straight-up begging. When this dog’s owners ran out of treats, the dog sulked outside of the house, which prompted her owners to put up a sign warning residents not to fall for her antics.

The sign, which was shared on Reddit’s “What’s Wrong With Your Dog” forum by u/micindra says, “Found in the wild, couldn’t resist posting” The photo shows a large sign on the front lawn with a dog lying on the ground in the back.

“If you see a little dog near this sign, please don’t worry, she is not lost.”

“She lives here. Her name is Chrissy and she is sulking.”

“She refuses to come inside unless we give her one of her treats… We are out of treats.”

“If you witness her faking her own death by laying in the road and pretending she has been run over, walk on by. She is looking for sympathy as she has had no treats.”

Chrissy is in the back of the sign lying down facing the house.

Other Reddit users thought it was hilarious, and the post has already gotten 46k upvotes. Other users started to share similar stories of their dogs’ antics.

“I have a very tiny dog. When he’s upset he climbs up one of his tiny staircases, to the couch or bed, and threatens to jump off the edge. We have to go running to save him,” Cynformation wrote.

Another user, IcePhoenix18, wrote, “My previous dog loved people, and if I didn’t let him say hi to someone on a walk, he’d plop down and howl (he was a beagle) It was super awkward explaining ‘no, he’s not hurt, he’s just a super friendly idiot.'”

loveshercoffee wrote, “Mine just stare at the fridge (baby carrots) or the treat jar and bark their heads off until you get them a treat. English Mastiff. You have to do it before the windows rattle themselves out of the frames.”

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