Choosing a baby name can be so exciting but also intimidating. After all, your newborn will carry that around with them their entire life! Some parents choose their baby’s name during pregnancy, while others wait until after their birth to decide or keep it a secret until the baby is born.

On Reddit, a mom who is 37 weeks pregnant said they are not going to announce their baby’s name until the birth. However, she learned this does not mean that speculation from others is out the window.

“My family came over for dinner yesterday and the topic turned to baby names. My sister started interrogating me trying to get me to tell her the name or give her clues.”

“Eventually,” the user continues, “she gave up exclaiming “eurg, I bet it’s going to be some sort of vegan name!”

The mother-to-be, who updated her post to say she is not vegan, became curious “what would you consider to be a vegan name?!”

Source: Bo Webber ~ The Original Web-Head/Youtube

Reddit, as always, was quick to jump in to share their opinions. One of the most popular comments was “Lentil” with “River” close behind.

One person said, “I was saying to my boyfriend I’ve never quite liked the name Yentl because it makes me think of Lentil and actually I think Lentil sounds nicer to say 😂”

Another said, “Ha… My son is named River and I’m vegan. River is one of the most recommended names in my vegan parenting group.”

Another chimed in, “Brock Lee 😂”

Kale was another common suggestion. One user said, “Kale feels like the obvious choice here, and not so terrible compared to some of what I’ve seen.”

Mom-to-be updated the post, saying that based on the Reddit suggestions, it seems her sister was right. The couple has indeed chosen a “vegan name.” She said that Reddit did not guess the first name, but the baby’s middle name was mentioned. What do you consider to be a ‘vegan name’? Let us know in the comments!

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