It’s a rare opportunity to see a newborn animal grow up, but luckily, thanks to one Imgur user, we all get a front row seat to see a baby bunny Popcorn grow from a pink, fuzzy bundle of cuteness that fits in the palm of a hand into a full-fledged, adorable rabbit. On Imgur, heezybeezy writes, “A small moving lump – only survivor of a litter of 5.” From here we see this little lump transform.

There’s just something about that twitchy nose and those big ears that just makes us want to squeal inside. After seeing these images of this floppy bunny, you may want to immediately run out to adopt your own, but keep in mind that while typically smaller than cats or dogs, rabbits require the same amount of attention and commitment that other companion animals do. If you’re thinking of taking in a rabbit of your own, be sure to consider these four things to make sure a bunny is the right companion animal for your home. In the meantime, enjoy this little fuzzball…



Don’t ever, ever, ever grow up

 Ok, you can grow up, but still stay this cute.

Being this precious is hard work.

Getting big is so tiring. You really need a nap from your nap.

Growing bigger every day.

The perfect bed. Even comes with finger pillows.

Getting fluffier!

Those hind legs are ready to bounce.

Can we just squish your nose? Please?

Oh, herro there. Look who’s starting to look like a real bunny!

If it fits, I sits.

Never too big to give mom a kiss.



Good luck, Popcorn! Enjoy your new life.

As an important note, do not try to help wildlife of any sort unless you are trained. Find a local wildlife rehabber/rescuer or veterinarian ASAP, or call a rescue hotline. Here are some that might help! 


Image source: heezybeezy/Imgur