Get ready for your mind to explode with cuteness. Meet Snaggle Puss, the cat, and her adopted baby rabbit, Bubbles. Snaggle Puss is a new mother to a whole slew of kittens, and she has added a little rabbit to her happy litter! Bubbles lost her mother when she was only a month old, and was in need of a warm hug and care. Then, along came Snaggle Puss.

Clearly, maternal instincts extend beyond the bounds of species for Snaggle Puss, who cares for Bubbles as if she were her own kitten. Cats typically hunt rabbits and other small rodents, but Snaggle Puss is not interested in harming Bubbles in any way…unless you count smothering with kisses!

Check out the adorable little nest of kittens all cozy with Bubbles in the middle; it is sure to make your day!

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