Whether it’s due to a lactose intolerance, a search for a lower-calorie option, or just a general shift towards more plant-based eating patterns, more consumers are including dairy alternatives in their diet. With retail sales of milks made from almonds, rice, and coconut milk estimated to reach 1.7 billion this year, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are expanding their product lines for this new sector of consumer interest.

The newest entry into this market is NüMOO, a line of dairy-free milks from the cold-press juice brand Juisi. In addition to the typical almond and coconut milk varieties, (been there, done that) the brand has introduced milks made from pistachios and pecans, nuts not yet seen in the category.

Juisi’s new line uses the entire nut (yay, zero waste!) and the smooth and creamy product will also be made without the use of stabilizers, gums, lecithin, vitamin packs or extracts, a standard we hope will spread through the industry. As Juisi co-founder told BevNet, “NÜMOO will be positioned as a brand that “transcends the dairy-free lifestyle” and is made for consumers who grew up on flavored milk, but now seek products that are healthy and made with clean ingredients.”

The alternative-milk line is looking to be more than just an addition to your morning coffee and bowl of cereal, though. In hopes of becoming a stand-alone product people will want to consume on-the-go (much like their juices), NüMOO has actually created specialty-flavored beverages with these new milks. Espresso Pistachio Latte and Strawberry Pecan? Yes, please!

You can find NüMOO exclusively at Whole Foods. If you’re looking to try more dairy-free alternatives, check out One Green Planet’s amazing recipe section that features over 5,000+ delicious plant-based options.