It is truly inspiring to see the amount of good a community can do when they join together for a common cause, and this story about community teamwork has a bit of a Halloween twist to it…

A deer was seen running around Anderson Township, Ohio with a plastic pumpkin bucket stuck on its head for four days.

A group of kind residents decided something needed to be done to help this animal, but it was no easy task. With catch poles in hand, the group circled around the deer amidst trees and brush, when they discovered the bucket’s handle was lodged behind the deer’s head.

Thanks to teamwork and a small dose of Halloween good luck, these awesome rescuers successfully removed the plastic pumpkin from the deer’s head!


Rescuers said the deer was so famished it immediately ran to a nearby creek to drink and graze. Here the team proudly poses with the plastic pumpkin in hand.



Donations are being collected by the Second Chance Wildlife Rescue Association to recognize the efforts of the rescuers if you wish to contribute.

Remember to share this special Halloween rescue story with your family and friends! If you ever come across an animal in need of help, it’s always best to consult a professional before taking action. Here is a list of some that can help.


All Image Source: The Great Pumpkin Chase 2017/Facebook