Sometimes the kindness humans show animals leaves us in awe of the good deeds people are capable of.  In a busy, fast-paced world where there is a lot of focus on the self, it can be easy to overlook the struggles of others, including animals. Thankfully, there are still many caring, selfless people who stop to put the needs of others in front of their own. An inspirational example of this is featured in the above video of an entire village joining forces to save a young rhino who was trapped in the mud after a flood.

In the video, we see a few dozen people convened together around a young rhino who is helplessly stuck in a small muddy crater in Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India, where floods recently hit. While some splashed water on the rhino’s back, others devised a plan to get the rhino out. Thankfully, after a great deal of effort, patience, and teamwork, the gentle rhino emerged from the crater, shook off the mud, and began waddling around. Too sweet!


We are thrilled to see so many kind-hearted people joining together and working for a common good. If your heart is warmed by this story, please share it with your friends and family!