When we think of deer, we do not typically imagine them interacting with many other species outside of their own.  Often viewed and treated as prey by other animals and humans, their timid reactions to other species is understandable.  As natural hunters, cats are also known for being very cautious individuals.  This is why this video of a gentle doe and purring Tuxedo cat nuzzling and kissing in the forest is just so incredibly special.

Nestled in a large pile of crisp autumn leaves, the love between these two animals in undeniable.  As the peaceful doe showers the kitty with heartfelt kisses, the Tuxedo purrs and rubs its fluffy cheeks on the deer’s soft face, proving to us all that love and compassion truly knows no boundaries!


We can all take a lesson from these two friends and learn two very valuable life lessons – making friends with those who are different than we are, and learning to love all species great and small.