Anyone who’s had to take part in an early morning commute knows how stressful it can be. Everyone is in a rush and no one seems to be too pleased about having to wedge themselves into train cars before having their morning coffee. While the morning commute might be anything but pleasant in most places, the Gipsy Hill railway in South London has a quirky kitty on their hospitality team that is doing the impossible: making the morning commute fun. Thanks to her, not only do commuters not mind their morning commute, they actually look forward to it!

The “quirky kitty” in question is a black and white tuxedo cat named Fanny. She’s not an official member of the Gipsy Hill railway staff, but she may as well be at this point!


Meet Fanny! She’s the best thing since coffee for perking up tired hoomans!

Fanny has been using her charm, good looks, and velvety soft fur to win the hearts of the locals and make their morning commute a whole lot less tedious.

Fanny can also double as a ticket checker in a pinch.

She can even teach you how to use everything properly. She’s a true pro!

Fanny now has quite a few fans that have taken to posting selfies with her on Twitter and Facebook. She even has her own Twitter account where you can read about her kitty thoughts and all the new passengers that she meets.

It’s not surprising that Fanny is something of a local celebrity.

It’s remarkable how comfortable this sweet kitty is around strangers!

The sun might not be up yet, but that doesn’t stop Fanny from making her rounds and warming cold laps!


It’s pretty much unanimous that Fanny’s presence makes everyone much happier. It’s only a matter of time before the transportation authority puts her on payroll. If you ever find yourself in Fanny’s neighborhood make sure you go and see her.  She’s always up for cuddling with a new friend!

Note 11/11/2015: Fanny is not a stray. She is microchipped and has a home.

All image source: Gipsy Hill Cat/Twitter