In a world where many humans have yet to respect animals as individual beings, life can be tough for said animals. We tear down their homes in order to make room for crops, we force highly intelligent cetaceans like whales and dolphins to perform tricks for our entertainment in spaces that are far too small, and sadly, there are humans who hunt endangered animals for sport. Even our cats and dogs have it tough: there are over 70 million stray animals living in the United States, but only 3-4 million are adopted from shelters annually. And yet, humans continue to purchase purebred dogs from pet shops that get their animals from puppy and kitten mills and go to breeders instead of seeking out breed-specific rescues. When you’re an animal lover, it’s absolutely understandable that it can be easy to let these harsh truths get to you. Sometimes, we feel helpless that we can’t do more to help the creatures that we care about so much. And sometimes, the animals take care of the catharsis for us.

Recently in Willmar, Minnesota, a buck broke into the warehouse of a fur company where hunters were tanning the hides of thousands of deer who had been killed over the last two weeks. The door was left open, which was enough of an invitation for the large deer to let himself in and start wreaking havoc — in the name of sweet revenge, we imagine.



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Scott Johnson, the owner of the company, was in his office when it all began. An employee called him in a panic when the deer was spotted and Johnson, thinking that he was needed for business matters, soon came face-to-face with the deer who headbutted him right in the stomach. Don’t worry, he’s okay — just a few bruised ribs (and hopefully a fear of deer).


After knocking the business owner flat, the deer proceeded to tear the office apart, leaping on top of desks and scattering paperwork all over the place before Johnson and his wife Lynette were able to shoo him out the door. According to a Twin Cities article that covered the ordeal, Lynette laughed as she suggested that “perhaps [the deer] was looking for a lost love or sibling.” We’re not sure we get the joke, but we certainly hope this badass deer makes the couple rethink their business – after all, we imagine the deer wouldn’t be above coming back.

Lead image source: thanosquest/Shutterstock