There are already myriad meat substitute products on the shelves these days, but there is still a bit of skepticism from the meat-eating crowd. One company soon hopes to change all of that by launching the first vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO meat alternative.

Recently, Neat foods announced the launch of a line of vegetarian meat substitute products that are derived from all-natural, gluten-free ingredients such as pecans, beans, and organic cornmeal. The product will come in three different delicious flavors, including Mexican Mix, Italian Mix, and Original. Neat will officially debut the product line at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland, on Thursday, September 26th, and it is soon to be available online at Amazon, as well as select grocery stores.

“Neat started with a simple family gathering around the kitchen.” states neat co-founder Phil Lapp. “Our family was motivated to stop eating meat for several reasons ranging from my wife Laura’s lifelong vegetarianism to my desire to lower my cholesterol levels, to our sweet young daughters’ burgeoning animal rights advocacy. Our daughter Morgan even had a hand in naming the product when she exclaimed, ‘This isn’t meat, it’s neat!’”

A shelf-stable product, neat is made by combining the product with two tablespoons of water and two eggs (or the equivalent with any vegan egg replacement) before browning this mixture in a non-stick skillet. A 5.75 oz. bag will retail for $3.99, much like traditional prepared ground beef, making it a perfect replacement for ground beef in popular family recipes such as burgers, tacos, chili, and meatballs.

Laura Lapp told Food Navigator that she has organic sources for the beans and cornmeal in the product, although the pecans have yet to be certified as organic. A certification of just that kind is in the works for the future. Neat is already certified as gluten-free, and the company hopes to have a non-GMO certification set in time for Expo West in September, she said.

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