There’s nothing harder to watch than a giant, strong, majestic creature rendered helpless at the hands of human cruelty.

That’s exactly what we see in a video from the Chilean Navy, who rescued a 50-foot-long humpback whale entangled in a fishing net. Boaters spotted the struggling whale and were immediately dispatched.


Thankfully, they were successful in this operation and the whale regained his freedom! But sadly, not all whales are as lucky.

Because of the all-too-common use of gill and trawl nets in the commercial fishing industry, whales are often caught as “bycatch.” In fact, 90 percent of the ocean’s apex predators, like this whale, have been wiped out in the past 55 years. These massive, heavy nets are dragged along the bottom of the ocean, collecting literally everything in their path, causing a tremendous amount of damage to marine species. It’s estimated that nearly 650,000 marine mammals are injured every year thanks to the reckless practices of commercial fisheries.

The whale in this video escaped that fate. We’ve got to do everything we can to make sure all marine animals live in freedom.

How Can You Help?


You can help to make a difference for marine species with your diet. Aggressive fishing methods to meet demands for seafood contribute to the decimation all marine animals. By choosing to leave fish and seafood off your plate for one year alone you can save 225 fish and 151 shellfish. When you consider the fact that around 40 percent of all commercial fish catches are composed of bycatch, by keeping fish off your plate, you’re also helping to save countless other marine species who are unintentionally caught! To learn more about how you can help marine animals through your diet, join the #EatForThePlanet movement.