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While some may celebrate World Fisheries Day, taking place today, Nov. 21, here at One Green Planet, we feel that it’s a great time to really evaluate the toll that fishing plays on the environment.

It’s estimated that over 70 percent of all marine fisheries have been exploited, over-exploited or have fully collapsed and 90 percent of vital ocean apex predators have disappeared.

There are a number of reasons that these saddening statistics exist including the death of animals caught in bycatch, fishery mismanagement, overfishing, unregulated fishing and habitat destruction.

Aside from shark finning, the dolphin slaughters in Peru and Japan, and “scientific whaling” (as the Japanese government insists it is, but we all know better), deep sea trawling has one of the most destructive effects on the marine ecosystem.

Check out the infographic below for an  easy-to-understand look into the damaging effects of this fishing practice.

The image below was originally posted on Penelope Bagieu’s blog and translated by Le Huffington Post. The graphic was then subsequently published in its translated version on The Huffington Post.

Huff Post deep sea thrawling
Figures and information from Bloom.

Infographic source: Huffington Post

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons