Orca whales are extremely dynamic animals. Scientists recently claimed that orcas are the first nonhuman animals whose evolution is driven by culture. This means each pod has a distinct way of living, having preferences around how to catch fish, interact with one another, etc. and these traits are passed on along generations dictating how the species adapts to their environment and thrives as a result.

Over the years, we have learned an incredible amount about how highly intelligent and emotional these animals are, however, we still continue to exploit orcas in marine parks for the sake of our entertainment. Coming from living a full life surrounded by friends and family in the wild to being forced to reside in a glorified fish bowl in an aquarium is an understandably traumatic experience for orca whales.

Morgan, the orca featured in this video has spent the majority of her life in Loro Parque, a marine park located in Tenerife, Spain. Filmed by the anonymous “Morgan Monitors” at Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain, the video shows her sitting listlessly on the concrete slide-out next to the performance tank. According to witnesses, after the final show of the day, Morgan flopped onto the slide-out and remained there for over 10 minutes.

This behavior is certainly not one you would ever witness in a wild whale as beaching and remaining on the surface of land puts undue pressure on the animals’ internal organs. While we can’t speculate why Morgan chose to remain on the slide-out, it breaks our hearts to know that this brilliant animal would have otherwise been swimming free in the ocean with her family.

We can all help animals like Morgan by refusing to pay for their suffering and boycotting all facilities that profit from displaying wild animals. It is far past time that we #EmptyTheTanks!