Montgomery County, Maryland has joined cities like Washington, DC, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boone, NC by officially recognizing and encouraging residents to participate in Meatless Monday. The Montgomery County Council issued a “Meatless Monday” Proclamation officially endorsing a nationwide effort to promote kinder, climate-friendlier, and healthier foods. The organization Compassion Over Killing worked with Montgomery Country’s Council on this initiative.


“We have to model the behavior that we want to promote, especially when we are dealing with issues related to healthy lifestyles, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship. Meatless Monday is a terrific way to highlight not only the health benefits of a plant-based diet but the fact that such a diet has been shown to use fewer resources and cause less pollution,” said Councilmember Valerie Ervin.

The goal of Meatless Monday is to lower rates of chronic, preventable diseases and ailments like heart disease, cancer, obesity and type 2 diabetes by reducing meat consumption. Reducing meat consumption has other benefits as well. According to the Environmental Working Group, “If everyone in the U.S. skipped eating meat and cheese one day a week, it would have the same impact on our environment as taking 7.6 million cars off the roads.” A report by the American Meat Institute in February 2011 found that 18% of American households now participate in Meatless Mondays, which seems to be growing in popularity across the nation.

The Meatless Monday campaign has not gone unnoticed by the meat industry, which recently used a lobbying group called the “Farm Animal Welfare Coalition” to pressure the catering company that runs several cafeterias on Capitol Hill to stop promoting the “Meatless Monday” campaign on the grounds that the promotion was actually an “acknowledged tool of animal rights and environmental organizations.”

Clearly, someone’s threatened.


If you still eat meat, join the growing number of individuals, families and institutions pledging to improve their health and the health of our planet by pledging to go meatless on Mondays!