Iowa Farm Sanctuary has a new resident! Meet the beautiful Molly Brown, a little piglet who hid on a transport truck and managed to escape a horrible fate.

At just twenty-one days old, this poor girl had her tail and teeth cut after she was stolen away from her mother far too soon, then she was shoved on a truck with hundreds of other piglets. She and her brothers and sisters were driven to a concentrated animal feed operation where she would be fattened up to be sold for meat. When the other piglets, terrified by what was going on around them, squealed and ran for their freedom, Molly Brown kept quiet and hid.


The other piglets were taken, but Molly Brown managed to hide and stay on board the truck! We are sure this poor little girl was frightened but probably had started to calm.

Only there was worse to come. The truck she was in was being flooded, and Molly Brown was left drowning in this filthy water for who knows how long! Luckily, a man saw this little piglet floating in the water. And although he feared she might be dead, he scooped her out to try to save and warm her up.

Here is Molly now. Safe, dry, and loved, away from the fate she was destined for. We are so pleased to see her thriving with the Iowa Farm Sanctuary amongst all the other animals who also escaped the worst of lives.

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Molly’s days of fear and worry are over! She is now in the caring hands of Iowa Farm Sanctuary where she is learning to root and roll around in the mud, just like every pig should! Thanks to this incredible series of events, sweet Molly will get to grow up without ever knowing the horrors of a slaughterhouse. Isn’t this a life all animals deserve?




Piglets born into the cycle of the meat industry have the most unpleasant existences. Snatched from their parents at an early age, males are castrated without any sedation, and girls like Molly Brown get their tails and teeth cut. They are forcibly fattened up then slaughtered before the year is out. What kind of life is this for such a beautiful, intelligent, loving animal like a pig? Is it any wonder we are hearing more and more stories of piglets making their escapes?

Iowa Farm Sanctuary provides a safe haven for rescued farm animals like the beautiful Molly Brown, while educating us humans at the same time. Their work is vital, and their hearts are huge. Please give them a visit on their Facebook page to find out more!

Image Source: Iowa Farm Sanctuary