There is such a thing as happily ever after. Just take a look at the story of this Marine and a shelter dog who waited seven, long, lonely years to be adopted!

Princess, the Pit Bull arrived at the Humane Society of Hamilton County in Nobelsville, Indiana, when she was only 10-weeks old. Seeing her precious face, a family adopted her. But, caring for a puppy proved to be too difficult for this family and poor Princess was brought back to the shelter.


She was adopted a few more times over the next seven years to give her a break from living in the shelter. But every time, she returned to the Humane Society of Hamilton County. The shelter launched a Facebook page for Princess where they would post photos and send out information for her adoption … but alas, this special dog had not yet found her Prince. After what must have felt like eons in dog-years, her prince did come for her!


When Cpl. Justin Growden returned home from deployment in the Marines, he suffered from PTSD. In seeking out help for therapy for his condition, Growden came across the Humane Society of Hamilton County’s Pets Healing Vets program and decided to give it a go. Princess seemed to know instinctively that Growden would give her the forever home she had always wanted and the pair hit it off immediately.


Princess had set the record for longest-stay at the shelter, so news of her adoption was met with joy from all the people who had learned to love her during her time there.


Growden says Princess has brought so much joy to his life. Together at last, this pair is on the road to recovery, one smooch at a time! We wish you both an extremely happy-ever-after!

All image source: Princess/Facebook