Who says cats can’t learn tricks? They might not be inclined to perform tricks if they are not in the mood … but that doesn’t mean they don’t know exactly what it is you are asking of them. Cats are very intelligent creatures and are capable of much more than you probably thought.

Take this deaf kitty, Chico, for example. Every morning his human wakes up and has a chat with Chico, using sign language. Yes, you read right – sign language! Orangutans aren’t the only animals who can learn to communicate via this method. In this video, Chico is being asked to sit.


James Casson, Chico’s guardian, explains on YouTube that when he gets up to make coffee in the morning, Chico is always posed on the counter waiting for him. Every morning, Casson greets Chico, tells him to take a seat at the table and shakes his hand. How awesome is that! Chico is quite the cat.