When it comes to environmental issues, it certainly seems like every single one of us should care about what is happening to our planet and actively try to change this frightful reality. We can no longer stand to the side and watch it being polluted, destroyed, and disrespected.

In many cases, however, the lack of action comes simply from a lack of awareness of the critical problems that we have to face today. Environmental issues are not given as much airtime as they should be – and so, many of us are left oblivious to the facts and statistics that should be an obvious call to action for everyone. This is why raising awareness and spreading knowledge is incredibly crucial – it is the cornerstone of any change. Because of this, we need as many campaigns and efforts geared towards raising awareness of environmental issues as possible.

One of such initiatives is planned by Andrey Bondarenko, a traveler and landscape photographer embarking on a project called “Garbage Doesn’t Fit”.

To raise awareness for our burning trash problem, he is going to take a six-month road trip around the U.S. During this exploration, he will be taking carefully framed photos of stunningly beautiful vistas … as well as ones of the very same cites featuring the litter and trash that people have left behind.

“In all my travels there is one thing I’ve come across always – human garbage,” Bondarenko writes on his project’s Facebook page. Now, he is determined to make a change and spread the knowledge he already has by showing people the real picture – the one we get to see far too rarely.

You can help Bondarenko on his mission by supporting his GoFundMe campaign here!

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