This story has us shaking our heads…

Recently, a kind citizen called 911 after seeing saw a dog in a locked in a cage on the bed of a pickup truck. The dog was in direct sunlight for about 30 minutes in 93-degree heat with no water or shelter. Sgt. Emanuel Nites and animal control responded to the call and when the witness confronted the owner of the truck, James Corbett, he reportedly became irate and began to yell at her, other bystanders, and even the police.

According to reports from Cleveland 19, Sgt. Nites then advised Corbett that he was under arrest and handcuffed him. Heartbreakingly, Corbett told officers to take the dog and said he would not pick up the dog.

When Corbett was being placed in the police cruiser he asked Sgt. Nites if he could roll down the windows… because, get this, he was hot.

Facepalm! If you are hot, how do you think your dog felt trapped in a cage with no water or shelter!?

Corbett was rightfully charged with cruelty to animals and disorderly conduct. The dog is currently at the Trumbull County Dog Kennel and a representative of the kennel told Cleveland 19 News that Corbett hasn’t called to ask about his dog. And honestly, giving how callous Corbett was with caging his dog in the sweltering heat, that doesn’t surprise us. If Corbett doesn’t claim the dog, the dog will be made available for adoption.

According to PETA, on a 78 degree Fahrenheit day, a car can easily reach the temperature of 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes. If external temperatures reach up 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it can get up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit inside of a car, making it a literal death trap for any living creature.

If you happen to see an unattended animal in a vehicle this summer, please try to locate their guardian and if they cannot be found, please call 911. After calling the authorities, wait by the car until help arrives. “If you see something, say something” is always a good go-to when you spot an animal in a car!

Image source: Province of British Columbia/Flickr