Rats often get a bad reputation as being dirty “sewer” animals and as a result, many people fear these rodents. In reality, however, rats are very clean, social and intelligent animals that make wonderful pets. Like dogs, rats can learn tricks and they love to cuddle with their humans. They’re also effortlessly cute as we can see in this video.

This rat is doing nothing more than eating some spaghetti noodles on his human’s lap, yet, he’s managed to turn us all into total mush-balls with his adorableness. He’s like a little real-life Remy from Ratatouille slurping down those noodles like the refined little gentleman he is!

If you’re interested in adding a rat to your family, be sure to adopt one from a shelter before you even think about buying one – there are many animal shelters that rescue rats who are in need of a loving forever home.