The way people look at animals changes as they get older. Most of us start off loving all animals. As children, we cuddled with dogs, fed ducklings at the pond, and learned that Old MacDonald had a farm … and that it sounded pretty amazing. We didn’t separate creatures into a “food” group and a “friend” group, we just figured they lived their lives like the rest of us – the best they could. Before society steps in and tries to convince children that pigs are simply bacon, cows are beef, and chickens should be on our plates instead of outside, kids treat animals fairly equally.

The little girl in the video above, for instance, is clearly having a great time running around with an adorable piglet from Farm Sanctuary. She giggles gleefully as the piglet chases her, bounces with excitement at the little one’s bout of zoomies, and they romp around in the hay just as she would with a puppy in the grass. As this video proves, pigs are just as intelligent, affectionate, and playful as dogs. When we see pigs behaving in this way, their similarity to beloved animals like dogs is undeniable.