Have you ever wondered what the essence of pure happiness looks like? We think it would kind of be like staring straight into a pure and glistening ray of sunshine … that or something like what is going on in the video above. Yup, we’re pretty certain that the little piggie and her human caretaker are the literal definition of bliss.

And we can certainly understand why this is the case. Laura the piglet was rescued from life in  a factory farm at just a few days old thanks to the amazing people at Santuario Igualdad Interespecie. At the sanctuary, Laura is treated with all of the care and respect that every pig deserves, but so few ever get.

In the eyes of her human caretaker, this piggie is nothing more than a baby who needs to be loved and snuggled just as much as a human child. It is this ability to recognize the pig’s worth for her just being, not being a commodity, that makes this video the penultimate image of kindness and joy. So, if you know someone who could use a dose of both of these things, pass it along!