Who are you calling a chunky monkey?! Well, in this case we’ll forgive you, because in an adorable video of everyone’s favorite pig, Esther, is seen chowing down on some delicious Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream – and it seems she is just as excited about it as we all are! Ben & Jerry’s released four vegan flavors of its famous ice cream last month and pints are flying off the shelves. Even Esther The Wonder Pig scored a batch of the banana flavored Chunky Monkey. Mmmm.

Esther is a pretty incredible pig. When her dads discovered that Esther wasn’t the mini pig they thought they had adopted, they decided to continue raising her as their pet, just like a cat or dog. Her incredible smarts and personality proved to them that pigs are amazing animals and even inspired them to create an animal sanctuary for animals who have been discarded from the meat industry. Being a spokespig for farmed animals is big job, so we certainly think Esther deserves this delicious snack break.

Hey, Esther, can we have a bit? No? Alright, we’ll get our own.