Do you remember what it was like when you were little and got super excited about the smallest things? Seeing the leaves change colors in the fall was like a mind-blowing experience and the first time you met a puppy – wow, talk about incredible! Well, it looks like this sort of joy over the little things in life isn’t just relegated to human children.

Laura the baby Chameleon in this video was just introduced to the amazing wonders of bubbles. Perched happily on her guardian’s finger, Laura is having a blast popping all the iridescent bubbles that seem to be just magically appearing before her. We have to admit, even as adults we still find bubbles to be pretty amazing, but watching the happiness that popping bubbles brings to this little Chameleon just makes us laugh out loud!


Hold on to this love for the little things, Laura, life is filled with a ton more surprises!

Green Monsters, have you ever seen a Chameleon act in this manner? While the video appears to be cute and fun, this reaction could potentially mean something other than what meets the eye. We’d love to hear from you in the comments if this is something you’re familiar with.