“These people are not nice people!” Words of wisdom from the little boy in the striped shirt. Who is he talking about? The people who put animals in zoos.

There’s little that compares to kids telling it like it is and this video is just about perfect. In the video, he gives a passionate speech to his parents about how terrible zoos are for animals, even comparing them to prisons. He probably doesn’t know just how right he is — captivity is a terrible place for animals. Animals in zoos often suffer from zoochosis, a mental illness that is characterized by repetitive behavior like pacing and swaying, self-mutilation, over-grooming, and vomiting. Gus, the polar bear who lived in the Central Park Zoo for over twenty years, became infamous for the fact that he was given Prozac to treat his depression.

We should also take a moment to give props to the parents of this child. Many of us grew up learning myths that zoos are a good, fun place of learning from our parents, and unfortunately, many of us still believe that. So, thank you for affirming your child’s belief that animals don’t belong in zoos.

Animals need more champions like this young man and the little girl who not only stopped eating meat when she learned where it comes from, but also instilled a household ban on killing bugs.  Because hey, just like the animals who live in zoos, even bugs just want to live their lives and be free.