The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center has taken in an unusual little California Black Bear who really needed human help. The bear was found in Placer County and rescued by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which then asked the organization to step in and take the animal under its wing. The bear was suffering from a severe case of mange and will require a long treatment but hopefully will lead to a full recovery. She is already making some progress, under the vigilant care of her guardians.

When the charity learned that they may have to take in the little bear, they made sure to prepare a recovery room and all the necessary supplies for the cub.


First, the bear was sedated and examined by the Department. It was clear that she had mange and her fur was almost completely gone – but was fortunately not emaciated and did not have any severe secondary infections.

The bear received a medicated bath and was started on her medications right away.

After the initial exam and treatment, the bear’s transfer to the Wildlife Center was arranged. She was driven there by a couple of kind wildlife volunteers on Christmas Eve.

Although the charity does not name their patients, the volunteers thought the special bear deserved one – and called her Eve, in honor of the holiday.



Thanks to the help she received from her many new human friends, Eve now has a safe place to live and the best care she could get. The recovery ahead of her will be long, but she has a great chance of healing fully and her caretakers already hope she will be able to spend the next Christmas Eve in the wild, where she belongs.

You can help Eve recover by making a donation. To learn more about The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, click here.

All image source: The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center/Facebook