Dog walkers have a lot to handle. Multiple dogs pushing and pulling every which way, all stopping to sniff every three seconds, it is no easy task to manage. Having an assistant would be an amazing help for most dog walkers, but they are a luxury that most don’t have.

However, this dog walker is one of the lucky few. One of her adorable clients has stepped up to the plate and volunteered to help out with all the puppies.


As one of the older individuals in the walking group, this lab has been around the block a few times. His wisdom and authority make him the perfect assistant dog walker. Today, he is in charge of a particularly unruly dachshund. The wiener dog is pulling every which way, getting tangled in the leash. But it isn’t anything this professional can’t handle! He happens to be one of the most reliable assistants in the business.

What a lucky lady to have a dog willing to lend such a helpful paw!