We like to think that our cats are perfectly content with staying inside all day as long as they have a nice window perch to observe the birds outdoors. While many cats do enjoy this kind of life, some cats are a bit more adventurous.

Cole, the cat featured in this video, certainly falls into the adventurous category. Every day he paws at the front door of his house, begging his human to take him for a walk outside. We have seen our dogs do this and know how diligent they can be when they want to go for a walk, but we can’t say we’ve ever seen a cat quite so enthused to hit the pavement!


Cole’s human puts him in a little cat harness and the pair walk around the neighborhood. We can’t say we blame Cole for wanting to get outside; the world is a pretty amazing place. Plus, when he’s outdoors he can finally give the birds who taunt him through the window a stern talking to.