Anyone who has loved a cat knows that these animals love nothing more than finding small, warm hiding spots, and spending hours on end holed up there napping. We’ve known our own kitties to choose some pretty odd places for this – in between plates and dishes in cabinets, our dresser drawers, shoes that are big enough … the list can go on and on. While this instinct to burrow in a secluded place is harmless in the safety of a home, it can be quite dangerous for cats who live on the streets.

We’ve seen cats get stuck in the air vents of restaurants or set up shop in car engines, and most recently, in this story, two kittens who found themselves trapped in a garbage truck.


Meet Piglet and Steve Buscemi. These babies were rescued just in time by waste facility workers. The truck they were found in is designed to crush and compact trash, so it’s a good thing that the workers heard their squeals when they did!

They were both filthy, severely dehydrated, and underweight. But they were otherwise healthy. All they needed was a wash, a tasty dinner, and a checkup with from the vet.

Shannon Langford-Salisbury, an education officer at ACTN Waste, and her housemate James Kozanecki (pictured below) have been caring for the little guys until they find a forever home. The kittens seem pretty thrilled with this arrangement!

It took a little trial and error, but now Shannon and James have kitten mothering down pat! The kittens can eat solids now but also need bottle feeding sometimes.

The kittens have settled right in at their foster parent’s home – as you can see, they’re absolutely smitten with James. Isn’t it amazing to see how one small act of kindness has lead to a whole lifetime of happiness for these little ones? We hope that they find a loving forever home soon and continue to grow big and strong!

We can all play a part in helping stray kittens like Piglet and Steve by being aware of our surroundings – especially in the winter time. If you come across a kitten – or any other animal – in need, be sure to contact one of these animal rescue hotlines for help.

All image source: James Kozanecki/Twitter