The video above is certainly not for the faint of heart. In the first shot, we see the view of an intersection and catch a slight glimpse of a small, furry ball falling out of the bottom of a car. Based on the reaction of the person filming the video, it quickly becomes clear that the furry ball is actually a kitten … who is now stuck right in the path of oncoming traffic!

Lucky for the kitten, this lady was fast on her feet and quickly jumped off of her bike, holding up traffic to save him. The poor baby was so scared, he didn’t know what to do but look up, helplessly clinging to the woman as she carried him away.


kitten in traffic 2


One look into that adorable kitten’s face and she was smitten. Eventually, she named him Skidmark and decided to take him back to her house which would soon become his new furever home!

Just see how happy Skid looks hanging with his mom:


In cold weather, strays sometimes hide under cars to try and keep warm. They can easily be burned by the engine. It is important to remember that in the winter, knocking on the hood of a vehicle before starting it can save lives.

Thanks to one woman’s quick thinking this sweet little fella won’t have to worry about any of that anymore. This heartwarming video is proof positive that kindness really is its own reward.