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If you have a cat, then you know how much they love dark, cave-like places. For domesticated cats these spaces typically range from strange but safe spots like cabinets that were left open and underneath beds.  However this liking of small, dark places can mean trouble for street cats as all they have to choose from are pipes, parked cars, and in this case, vents.

Sadly, this was the case for one new family of cats who found themselves trapped in an air duct of a restaurant with no way out. After the restaurant owners heard the cries of the newborn kittens, they called in Animal Aid Unlimited and the amazing rescue team arrived in no time!

With a little patience, some power tools, and the utmost care, rescuers were able to get all of the newborns out of the air vent and transported them to their rescue facility for further care. In just a few days, the kittens already look much healthier and happier thanks to the care of the people who saved them. We hope that these little ones find a loving forever home soon!