Canadian rescue group Chatons Orphelins Montréal has rescued two little kittens from a place no orphaned baby kitten should ever be: the roof of a shed … in the middle of freezing cold winter no less. Fortunately, the pair was found just in time and given all the care and attention they needed. Now the two kittens – Mozart (the fluffier one) and Chopin – have a brand new life in a brand new home. But one thing about them did not change at all …

The fluffy grey duo was found when a woman heard little meows coming from the roof of a shed. “She managed to get one kitten out, and then realized that there was another kitten. It was a lot harder and took much longer to secure the second kitten, but she eventually succeeded,” the rescue group told Love Meow.


The kind-hearted woman immediately took in the two kittens, fed them, and let them get warm. Afterwards, she arranged to bring the babies to Chatons Orphelins Montréal to give them the best chance possible to have a fresh start.

The rescue gave the kittens their beautiful names, provided them with necessary medical care, and transferred them to a foster home.

Thanks to their foster mom, Val, the pair adjusted to living in a home and had the chance to socialize well with people as well as with fellow felines.

“The two kittens have different personalities that complement each other,” the rescue group said. Mozart and Chopin soon proved to be completely inseparable: “They eat together, sleep together and play together.”

“Mozart is more mischievous. He plays as soon as he finds an opportunity and his brother follows.”


“Chopin is very sweet. He likes to watch people and talk when Mozart is quiet. The two brothers love the cat tree and are excellent climbers.”


During the three months that they spent in the foster home, the kitties grew up quite a bit and learned a lot. And when it comes to their friendship, it only grew even stronger.

After that time, Mozart and Chopin went to their forever home – of course, together.


With their unique and very strong bond dating from kittenhood, separating Mozart and Chopin was simply not an option. “The two little brothers will now live together with a perfect family,” the rescue reports – and it would be difficult to imagine a better ending to their rescue story!

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All image source: Chatons Orphelins Montréal/Facebook