With all of the disheartening news in circulation today, it can be very easy to lose faith in humanity. We’ve seen people yank marine animals out of the ocean for the sake of a photo, we’ve seen people keep animals in deplorable conditions unfit for any being, and of course, every day, in one way or another, we are reminded of the terrible lives that factory farm animals must endure. Despite all of this, we never cease to acknowledge all of the amazing things people do for animals. Nothing warms our heart like hearing about ordinary people taking the time and effort to save an animal. Whether it’s helping a sloth cross the road, tending to a crow who got stuck in a fence, or simply feeding a stray pup some water, we applaud all those that see an animal in distress and don’t turn a blind eye.

Deciding to help an animal in distress can become even harder when you yourself are in a sticky situation. Take Renata Žilić, from Croatia, for example. When a massive floods struck the city of Gunja, Croatia, residents of the town were forced to evacuate, many of whom had no choice but to leave their pets behind. In the wake of these massive floods, Renata and a group of volunteers stepped in to save all those left behind – despite the fact that the conditions were still far from safe in the area. Regardless, they worked for hours on end to get animals to safety. As you imagine, not all of the pets were comfortable leaving their homes and trying to move scared, shy animals can be a difficult task.

So while some of the animals weren’t content walking or being carried out of their homes, Renata had a clever idea: maybe this pup wouldn’t mind getting rolled out! 


The fact that this woman and so many volunteers stepped up to help stranded animals, like this timid pup in such devastating conditions is truly inspiring. It’s so easy to feel like animals are incredibly different than us, but time and time again we are shown that we are actually very similar. Not to mention the fact that we all coexist on one planet, so why not help each other out a bit? Thanks for being awesome, Renata!

Image source: PuppiesLovers/Facebook