Following recent news that Hershey Company will begin sourcing only “sustainable and traceable” palm oil for its products, Kellogg Company has announced that it will soon begin buying its palm oil only from sources that can prove sustainable practices.

As reported via Bloomberg, “Starting in 2016, palm oil — a vegetable oil used to cook Pop-Tarts to Pringles — will be sourced through supply chains that are deemed ‘environmentally appropriate.’”


Diane Holdor, Kellogg’s chief sustainability officer, told Bloomberg that “suppliers must trace the oil to plantations that are independently verified as legally compliant.”

Green Century Capital Management Inc., a Boston firm that holds stock in Kellogg, claims that the palm oil industry is worth $50 billion annually, and  “its production is the leading cause of global deforestation, endangers wildlife and contributes to human rights abuses of workers.”

We knew palm oil farming was a harmful process, and we’re pleased to report, after pressure from several environmental groups like SumofUs, Kellogg Company is indeed making the move — which means countless products in the Kellogg system will, in two year’s time, be just a tad more ethical. Now, that’s activism in action! In other words: it can work! Don’t forget that, when you’re speaking out for the causes you hold near and dear to your own heart, never give up the good fight for our earth, our health, and animals.

Image Source: Dupan Pandu/Flickr