Kat Von D is once again speaking up for animals! Since she starting becoming more vocal about her plant-based lifestyle in late 2015, the tattoo artist, makeup mogul, model, and fashion icon has worked to reformulate her entire cosmetic line to be vegan. Since then, she’s been busy influencing others in the makeup world to be cruelty-free, collaborating with TooFaced Cosmetics and earlier this year she even announced plans to create an all-vegan shoe line.

Now, Kat Von D has announced she’s launching four new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades – all vegan and cruelty-free, of course! And what’s better? The beautiful shades will benefit Farm Sanctuary, a place of refuge for hundreds of farm animals!

On her Instagram page, the makeup mogul shared a selfie wearing a new rosy-toned shade stating, “I’ve been testing out 4 NEW SHADES for the upcoming @katvondbeauty charity this year which proceeds will benefit @farmsanctuary!”


The terra-cotta brick shade in her photo will be named “‘ Hilda’…  after the very first animal rescued by @farmsanctuary in 1986. Hilda was a sheep that had been found discarded on top of a pile of dead animals in a stockyard left to die slowly from starvation and neglect.”

She went on to explain that Kat Von D Beauty, “will be posting sneak peeks of all 4 new shades from the Farm Sanctuary Collection soon, so stay tuned! [one of them is a metallic foil midnight blue that you’re gonna go crazy about!] and as always, all @katvondbeauty lipsticks are #crueltyfree and #vegan!”

We just can’t get enough Kat Von D! She not only made a point to exclude animal testing from her makeup line when it first came out, she’s vegan and spent her birthday volunteering at Farm Sanctuary, and in general, she uses her fame to raise money and awareness for animal rights. Kat Von D already had animal lovers swooning when she decided to reformulate her entire line, but the fact that she is trying to extend her compassion even further through this new lipstick line is truly commendable.

What’s great about Kat Von D’s outspoken opinion about cruelty-free makeup is that she is an incredibly sought out mogul in the makeup world, and now anyone who wants to work with her will have to abide by her new standards. Cosmetic testing is a topic that needs to be addressed. Even though alternative methods exist and people do not necessarily support the practice, thousands of animals are subject to cruel tests each year.

As animal lovers, nothing makes us happier than seeing someone with tremendous influence using their fame to spread compassion and awareness for the voiceless animals of the world. Keep being awesome, Kat Von D!

Image source: Kat Von D/Instagram