Liam Neeson, the famous ‘Taken” star, made a visit to “The Daily Show” this week to promote his new movie and get some zings in at the new Mayor of New York City. His reasons for disliking new mayor Bill de Blasio? New York City horse carriages.

Yup, the Irish actor who has become an action star in recent years made some off-the-cuff remarks about his disappointment and anger in the Mayor’s position to end horse-drawn carriages within the city. The traditional practice that many see as abuse has been debated about and argued over for many years.

Many believe the horses should not be subjected to conditions of a busy city street, including car exhaust, noise and stress. However, Mr. Neeson believes that they are tradition that should not be removed citing they “made the roads of New York,” as well as stating that the horses are treated like children.

Of course, Jon Stewart and his comical genius had the perfect responses to Neeson’s claims. Watch the two debate the issue in the video below.