A mere two weeks after being shut down by the United Nation’s International Court of Justice, Japan’s team of “scientific” whalers are already planning next years hunt.

…Seriously?! Apparently, the Japanese whaling fleets thinks the International Court has some sort of “three strike” policy. You have got to be kidding me on this one.

But really, let’s break down this rock-solid logic here.

First, despite the international moratorium on whale hunting that has been in place since the 1980s, Japan has continued to slaughter thousands of whales in the name of “scientific research.

Second, investigations into said “research” have proven to be little more than a clever guise to kill whales and sell meat that was not deemed scientifically significant (not to mention the fact that whale meat is losing popularity among consumers).

Third, the incredible uproar that lead to the initial ban of these whale hunts is only just a taste of what’s to come if legislation passes to permit hunts in following years. To highlight even further how much Japan doesn’t seem to take this ruling seriously, they still have “not decided” whether or not to discontinue hunts in the Antarctic – even though doing so would be both economically and environmentally unsustainable. Really?! 

According to a report from Al Jazeera, the group of Japanese fisheries behind this plot is proposing that the Japanese government “redesign its ‘research’ program” in the hopes that they can “circumvent” the International Court’s ruling that their previous program was little more than a charade to pass commercial hunts in the Southern Ocean as research.

All I can say is I hope by “redesign” the 40 Japanese fisheries actually mean “dissolve,” I mean, it would pretty much fit in with their other non-sequitur logic they have going on.

Image Source: mrgreen09 / Flickr