When you are considering getting your next pet, we beg that you do not go to Instagram to find them! Here is little Katie to show you why!

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC carried out a late-night rescue to aid tiny Katie. Katie’s caretaker brought the dog into the hospital because she was incredibly weak, lethargic, vomiting, and with blood in her diarrhea. Katie’s owner bought her through an Instagram post about three months ago, and Katie’s health has been deteriorating ever since. Instead of being responsible and caring for her new pet, this person allowed Katie to get near death before seeking help … and in the dog’s time of need, they decided to abandon her and leave her fate up to chance.

At her time of need, literally probably only a day away from dying, Katie was surrendered at the ER hospital and left to fend for herself with parvo. If Rescue Dogs Rock hadn’t received the call from the hospital and stepped in to help, there would have been no choice but to euthanize this poor little girl purely because of the cost of her treatment. 

Katie is currently on an IV and receiving much-needed medication to help her recover, but the deadly parvovirus is one that means it’s a case of “wait and see.” Our fingers are crossed and our hearts are with this little girl. Please be strong, Katie. Get through this, and there is a loving forever home out there waiting for you.



While there are no official statistics or conclusive reports of Instagram turning into an outlet for puppy mills, more and more people are beginning to sell puppies online. These dogs come with very little background information, and there is no way for new owners to know where the dogs came from, what conditions they were raised in, or even the state of their health. Even if Instagrammers post beautiful photos of “perfect” little dogs, there’s no way to tell if those are the real conditions where these animals come from. And with diseases like parvo that are highly contagious, it’s possible that puppies from litters like the one poor Katie came from have all suffered the same fate.

Puppy mill dogs come with all sorts of problems that result from the poor conditions they are kept in. In addition to the deadly and highly contagious parvovirus, they can have heart or kidney disease, epilepsy, dental problems or any number of other issues. They are often found to have mange, as well as fleas and ticks. They can have behavioral issues because of the conditions they are raised in and genetic issues when inbred. So it doesn’t matter how cute they look when posed with on Instagram or anywhere else. There might be problems these poor dogs are hiding that cannot be neglected! This, in addition to the fact that there are millions of animals waiting for homes in shelters, is just further proof that we should never purchase dogs but always choose to adopt! You might think that little puppy in the shop or on Instagram looks cute, but is it worth funding more abuse and neglect?

Rescue Dogs Rock fights hard to help dogs like Katie who have no one else to care for them. They rely on the kind donations of the public to help pay for the expensive medical treatments these dogs need to recover. If you are in a position to help or would like to know more, please get in touch.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC