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National Mill Dog Rescue has their hands full after a recent rescue of 54 dogs (and one cat) from cruelty, neglect, and filthy living conditions. This heartbreaking life, sadly, is very typical of puppy mills because these dogs aren’t treated like living, breathing beings by their owners, they are simply seen as commodities to be used and abused to make money.

Most puppy mill dogs are either sentenced to breeding their entire lives, only to be tossed away like trash when they can’t be used anymore or sold off to pet stores. This is exactly why people need to stop purchasing dogs from pet stores – because they fuel these awful operations that are filled with unimaginable suffering.

The photos below of a few of the rescued dogs only serve as further proof of how puppy mill animals are treated like simple breeding machines, rather than animals worthy of care, respect, and love.

These dogs are covered in uncomfortable and painful mats. Severe matting prevents the skin from breathing, traps in moisture, and is extremely difficult to remove without causing further pain to the dog. Matting of this magnitude often results in skin infections, physical disorders, and behavioral issues.


Can you imagine trying to stand, much less walk on these nails? As you can see, some of them have broken off. Sadly, many puppy mill dogs aren’t allowed time outside of their small, filthy cages to stretch their legs. Some have never even felt grass before!


Disease and infections often run rampant at puppy mills due to the unsanitary conditions and lack of medical care.


National Mill Dog Rescue rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes retired commercial breeding dogs from puppy mills and gives them a second chance at a better life. A life where they will be cherished, cared for, and loved. We look forward to seeing these innocent dogs recover physically and emotionally. 



The only way to bring puppy mills to an end is by NOT buying from pet stores, spreading awareness about the realities of puppy mills, and encouraging others to only adopt a rescue. Adopting a dog is the easiest (and cheapest!) way to add a new furry member to your family while saving a life. And remember, adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment!

To learn more about ways to spread awareness about the cruel puppy mill industry, click here. To Support National Mill Dog Rescue in rescuing these innocent dogs, click here to make a donation or here to Donate supplies to help care for all the new arrivals.

Image Source: National Mill Dog Rescue/ Facebook