From the moment they’re born, dairy calves are destined for a life of misery. Just mere moments after they’re brought into the world, male calves are shipped off to become veal. Female calves are taken from their mothers and set up in a crate so that they can start their painful lives as milk producers. When they come of age, they will be constantly impregnated, handled with brute force, and kept in deplorable conditions.

When Fiona, a dairy calf, arrived at Farm Animal Rescue‘s sanctuary, it was clear that she had been kept in a dirty crate filled with her own urine and excrement for her young life. She had urine scalds on about 40 percent of her body resulting in her skin to become inflamed and eventually causing her to lose fur. Due to the cramped conditions, Fiona was also very weak, and sanctuary workers believe that her legs have not developed properly.


Thankfully, Fiona is in much better hands now and with enough love and care, is expected to make a full recovery. This adorable girl deserves it! To learn more about Fiona’s story, as well as the incredible work being done at Farm Animal Rescue, visit their website!