Tis’ the season for holiday celebrations, large feasts, and staying as toasty as possible in snowy weather. While most of us are fortunate enough to have a warm home to relax in every night, there are other living beings who aren’t so lucky. Estimates suggest that there may be over 50 million feral cats running around the United States, and while their street smarts may help them survive bitter winter days, it’s always nice to offer a little bit of extra help!

FIVer Cats is a small organization that builds houses for feral cats. In addition, they help reduce feral cat populations by spaying and neutering the animals that they assist. To help cats nationwide, FIVer Cats has created this tutorial on how to prepare cat houses. These warm, dry homes are durable in any sort of weather and can be equipped with insulating straw, fresh food, and water. Though these houses are small, they may be the line between life and death for a feral cat.