In this shocking video from Animal Defenders International, we witness the miserable conditions that animals in Peter Jolly’s circus experience when they are not on tour. Hint: it’s no better than the lives they lead while being exploited for circus entertainment.

Life for animals in the circus is filled with abuse and complete disregard for the fact that these are sentient, emotional beings. Animals kept in captivity in circuses commonly exhibit stereotypic behaviors such as moving from side to side, head-bobbing, and self-mutilation. These behaviors are thought to be outward expressions of their mental distress. In addition, circus companies have been known to neglect or abuse animals during the training process if they’re unable to master a certain trick correctly. For example, elephants are regularly beaten with chains or stabbed with bullhooks.

But as we can see in this video, once the animals leave the circus tent, they must endure disgusting living conditions. We witness an overcrowded space,  fighting between the animals (who could blame them when subjected to such a tight space?), animals tethered for several hours on end without water, and, all in all, government regulations being completely ignored. This is unacceptable in any measure, and we’ve got to take action now!

What You Can Do

First and foremost, avoid circuses that have animal acts. Additionally, read and share these articles to learn more about circuses and how you can help: