Largely thanks to the viral video of a sea turtle having a plastic straw removed from their nostril, anti-plastic straw sentiments have been running high, with many restaurants, companies, and even entire cities implementing “straws-by-request” policies in order to be in favor of the growing trend. This April, Live Nation, the parent company of the popular House of Blues chain, announced a “straws by request” policy across all their amphitheaters, and as of July, the policy has been implemented at all 52 Live Nation owned and operated theaters and 50 House of Blues Entertainment venues! 

This move results from Live Nation’s partnership with environmental group Lonely Whale, and the entertainment company has a goal of eliminating over six million plastic straws in 2018. They aim to achieve “Zero Waste” in 20 of their venues by 2020. It should be noted that those who require straws for medical reasons will be provided with them.


We love that the anti-plastic straw movement has caught on so quickly and is sweeping across the nation, but we hope the momentum of the trend does not have people losing sight of the bigger picture at hand — the plastic pollution epidemic that is literally choking the planet to death. Removing straws is an excellent step in the right direction, especially considering they are difficult to recycle, but what about plastic lids (we’re looking at you, Starbucks), food wrappers, styrofoam, and the like?

And an even bigger issue at hand is plastic pollution from discarded fishing nets. Did you know that it is estimated a staggering 46 percent of the ever-growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made of plastic fishing nets?! So while ditching plastic straws and other single-use plastics from your life is certainly a good thing for the environment, ditching seafood saves the oceans in more ways than one — the lives of the animals not eaten (or caught as bycatch) and lessening demand for the use of fishing nets. And considering ocean health is indistinguishable from the health of the entire planet as a whole, ditching plastic AND seafood has the potential to help heal our ailing Earth.

As Live Nation continues to work toward becoming zero waste, we hope they, and all other establishments with sustainability goals, realize that all single-use plastics, not just straws, as well as our demand for seafood, are all part of the big issue at hand, and then make changes accordingly.

To learn how you can help save the planet by omitting single-use plastics from your life, be sure to check out the One Green Planet #CrushPlastic movement!


And to learn more about how our food choices directly impact the rest of the world, go here. And please remember to share this with your network as another reminder to ditch plastic (and seafood)!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons