The Hope for Paws team has been known to travel great distances to help a dog in need, so when a dog living in the woods of South Carolina for a year couldn’t be caught by local authorities, their incredible rescue team stepped in. Though the dog seemed to be surviving on her own, things took a turn for the worse when she got her paw crushed by a merciless coyote trap. This particular case would not only take Eldad and Loreta cross-country but also on one of the riskiest rescue missions yet.

The lab mix, now named Hermione, didn’t trust humans, so this rescue would take patience and determination. Once permission was given for them to help Hermione, they began the important task of gaining her trust. Loreta fed her for hours, talked to her, and even managed to get in a few pets.

Soccer nets and volunteers were gathered to help, allowing Eldad to take the necessary actions to get the gentle snare around Hermione’s neck. After six days of excruciating pain, this sweet girl was finally on her way to receiving the vital care she needed.

At the vet, it was discovered that Hermione was also suffering from heartworm. After lifesaving treatment, Hermione made the trip back to L.A. with Eldad and Loreta. They stopped at vets along the way until they made it to Dr. Robert Olds, the amazing vet that would save her leg and reconstruct her foot.

Thanks to a lot of compassionate people, this rescue was a success. With so many roadblocks this could have ended badly for this innocent dog, but when animal lovers work together, they can accomplish the impossible.

To learn more about Hope for Paws, click here.

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