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Hurricane Florence has revealed some wonderful heroes who have risked their own safety to save animals. This is the story of one such rescue that will really make you smile!

Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary brings us the story of Barney, whose rescue was inspired by a Facebook post about rescuing a pig stranded by flood water on rocks. The original post said: “my brother found a hog squealing for help standing on a mound of rocks with only its face sticking out of the water. A face that was completely covered by fire ants. My brother washed the fire ants and basically carried a several hundred pound hog through the flood waters to a flooded neighbor’s house nearby where at least the pig could be out of the water for a moment.”

Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary has been working nonstop to save numerous animals trapped following the hurricane. After reading the above post, they staged a massive rescue with a group of volunteers and managed to save the lives of more than fifty chickens, peacocks, and rabbits, as well as Barney the pig.

Barney was trapped following the hurricane, stuck in rising waters and unable to move by himself. Sadly, Barney’s best friend was also trapped and drowned right beside Barney as he was rescued.

This must have been a truly horrific experience for Barney, scared himself and hearing all the other terrified cries of other animals around him.

Thankfully, this ordeal is now behind him. Barney was an instant hit at the Sanctuary. His rescuers fell in love with him and have claimed him as one of their own! He has constant belly rubs and cuddles and is never going to be short of love and attention. 

Barney has the best life ahead of him at the Sanctuary, and we can’t wait to hear more about his adventures with his new friends. It’s pretty clear from these videos that Barney is going to live his life as a pampered prince!



We are so thankful to the hurricane heroes who have dropped everything to save animals in distress. These animals must be terrified by the loud noises of the wind and heavy rains that fall during a hurricane, and it is almost impossible to imagine the fear they must feel when trapped by rising flood waters. Heroes like those at Ziggy’s Rescue dedicate themselves to animal rescue, and we can think of no act more heroic than that!

Please show them your Support! To find out more about the work of Ziggy’s Rescue Farm Sanctuary, please visit their Facebook page.

Image Source: Ziggy’s Rescue Farm Sanctuary