There are only SEVEN days left to help save thousands of beautiful wild horses from being rounded-up by the Utah Bureau of Land Management. The routine round-ups of wild horses has drawn a lot of controversy from animal rights groups, as there is very little motivation behind the removal of wild horses from their natural habitat – besides the desire to keep fields open for cattle grazing (don’t even get me started there).

The worst part about the systematic collection of wild horses is that, after they are brought to holding facilities, they are put up for auction where they are likely to be purchased and sold for horse meat. Gross, right?

Burros, or wild horses were at one time allowed free roam of our country, but they have not been isolated to designated “wild horse” areas after people began to populate the northwest and were afraid the horses would eat all their crops. Today, wild horse areas are little more than a way for various Bureaus of Land Management to keep tabs on horses and round them up for slaughter at will.

The proposed July round up of wild horses in the Bible Springs Complex in Utah will include the collection of newly born foals as well as elderly horses that cannot stand the stress of being chased by a helicopter in the heat of a desert summer. The goal of the round-up is to collect up to 700 horses, virtually destroying the wild mustang population of the area.

You can help stop this insane injustice by signing this petition from American Wild Horse Preservation. Allowing the BLM to collect and slaughter more horses to make way for expanded cattle production is a lose-lose proposition for both animals and the environment. Tell the BLM you are not having it!

Image source: David/Wikipedia Commons