Guinea Pigs are small, gentle animals who love to cuddle. Because of their calm and docile dispositions, they make great pets. But when people leave young children unattended around animals, bad things can happen. Sadly, this was the case with a little Guinea Pig named Estella who was squeezed so hard that it broke her back! This poor little lady was then abandoned on the side of a road, along with her buddy Pip. Estella stayed in agony, unable to move with Pip by her side until a kind soul took them both to the Calaveras Country animal control shelter, in California.

As if living in an animal shelter wasn’t hard enough, small, quiet animals like rodents and rabbits are sometimes overlooked in the hustle and bustle of shelter life. Poor Estella was there for over a month before she got any medical attention.

Luckily, a volunteer took notice of her and Pip and reached out to the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary for help.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful organization that provides life-long care for abused and neglected animals. Although they happily made space for two sweeties, they wanted to find a way for Estella, who is now paralyzed from the waist down, to get around again.

 They contacted Doggone Wheels, a company that specializes in creating wheelchairs and other mobility aids for animals. Then they started a fundraiser to raise the money to pay for Estella’s new wheels. Now, little Estella is cruisin’!



Harvest Home sanctuary manager, Christine Morrissey told The Huffington Post, “The wheelchair is designed as an exercise mechanism … to increase her enrichment and activity level … Today, she is our treasured comeback kid. We are so inspired by her relentless resiliency and infectious positivity.”

These days, little Estella is getting around just fine, proving to everyone how a little love can go a long way.

To learn more about Harvest Home and the incredible work they do, check out their website.

All image source: Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary