The number of ways people abuse and exploit animals seems neverending, and a life of confinement and misery is all that many animals know, including the greyhounds held captive at The Pet Blood Bank, Inc. in Cherokee, Texas.

A petition on Care2 written by PETA explains that there are 150 greyhounds, many of whom have already endured a life of torment and pain in the dog racing industry, who are kept in an old turkey shed at The Pet Blood Bank facilities. The only time these beautiful dogs are let out is to have their blood drawn; with up to 20 percent of their blood volume extracted at any given time. Considering they are kept in an open-air shed, the dogs are exposed to snakes, mice, fleas, and ticks, which puts these dogs at risk for contracting blood-borne (and other) diseases.

Most of this blood is distributed by Patterson Veterinary Supply, Inc., a corporation that brought in a whopping $3 billion in 2016 alone, and it is apparent they have put profit before the health and well-being of animals. Dogs who receive the extracted blood are typically in critical condition, and veterinarians and dog guardians expect the blood to come from healthy dogs, not miserable captive animals who are prone to a number of diseases.

PETA is asking each of us to sign the petition addressed to Patterson Veterinary Supply, Inc., demanding they stop sourcing blood from captive animals, provide funds for veterinary care for these greyhounds, and send the dogs to sanctuaries and rescues. The petition letter is also asking for the company to only source blood from healthy dogs who come from homes with guardians.

Please sign the petition and share this with your network to spread awareness of this serious issue and increase support for greyhounds!

Image Source: Pixabay