If you have ever suffered the loss of a beloved pet, and wondered why there could not have been a more life-affirming way to store his or her remains than simply putting them into an urn, a new Kickstarter project called Greenfinit may resonate with you.

Amilcar Machado, one of Greenfinit’s founders, says of his own dog’s death, “I was sad and truly stressed out by Lana’s passing, even though I knew it was going to happen. I couldn’t just let go. I needed more time. None of the options I could find felt right to me. ‘Options’ that didn’t represent what I had felt for my pet. ‘Solutions’ that were not what I needed. Mainly because none of them had a heart.”

The idea behind Greenfinit is to “recycle life.” Each Greenfinit container – which is made of a biodegradable polymer that, once put into the earth, will decompose within two years – holds your pet’s ashes and uses them to nurture a species of tree native to your area. The containers each have a unique ID number that can be used to register your pet and tree location within Greenfinit’s online community, as well as keep track of how much oxygen your tree is releasing into the atmosphere.


The Greenfinit team, which consists of Amilcar and Natalia Machado, Amadeo Bologna, Pablo Lucero, and Luciano Peñalba Paulo, is hoping to raise $70,000 and begin shipping the product in March 2014. The campaign lasts until Friday, Nov. 29, 2013, and has so far raised $12,975. You can watch the company’s promotional video here.

Image Source: Greenfinit.com